KLM Boeing 777-300 Engine Ingest A Balloon on Approach to São Paulo

In a startling incident, a KLM Boeing 777-300 aircraft hit several balloons, one of which entered an engine while the plane was on approach to São Paulo.


The Incident

The KLM flight KL791, which had departed from Amsterdam, was more than 11 hours into its journey when the incident occurred. As the Boeing 777-300ER (registered as PH-BVW) was preparing to land in São Paulo, it hit several balloons. The crew reported to Air Traffic Control (ATC) that they had hit at least three balloons, and one of them had entered the right engine.


The Affect

The nature of these balloons remains unclear. Following the incident, the runway at Guarulhos Airport in São Paulo, Brazil was temporarily closed for inspection. Despite this unexpected encounter, the aircraft was able to perform its return flight to Amsterdam on schedule.

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The Hazard Of Balloons

This incident underscores the potential hazards that can arise in air travel. While balloons may seem harmless on the ground, they can pose significant risks when they come into contact with aircraft in flight. This event serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining clear airspace around airports for the safety of all flights.

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