F-35A fighter planes from Lockheed Martin land on a highway

For the first time, two F-35A fighter jets, manufactured by Lockheed Martin, have successfully landed on a highway, as shown in a video released by the Norwegian military. This achievement allows the jets to minimize their exposure while on the ground during conflict situations. 


The Royal Norwegian Air Force's aircraft touched down in Tervo, central Finland, on a Thursday afternoon as part of a military drill. The jets were refueled immediately upon landing while their engines were still running, a process known as "hotpit refueling," according to the Norwegian military. 

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The aircraft then took off again. Major General Rolf Folland, head of the Royal Norwegian Air Force, stated that the ability to use small airfields and now highways enhances their survivability during war. Finland, which became a NATO member in April, shares an 810-mile border with Russia. Norway is one of NATO's founding members. 


The F-35B, another model of the F-35 that can land vertically, has previously landed on roads. However, this was a first for this specific F-35 model, which lacks vertical landing capabilities. F-16s also have the ability to land on roads. Finland intends to purchase 64 F-35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin.

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