Court Approves Thai AirAsia X Bankruptcy Plan To Add Eleven Airbus A330s

Thai AirAsia X, the long-haul arm of AirAsia, has received approval from the Thai Bankruptcy Court to expand its fleet of Airbus A330s from six to seventeen. The airline plans to use the new aircraft to open new routes to destinations in Europe, North America, and Australia. The approval of the bankruptcy plan is a major milestone for Thai AirAsia X, which filed for bankruptcy in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, AirAsia X canceled most of its huge order for the A330-900. The ultra-low-cost airline retains just fifteen in the order book but canceled 63. The airline has been working to restructure its debt and operations since then, and the addition of new aircraft is a sign that it is on the road to recovery.


The new Airbus A330s will be configured with 360 seats in a single-class layout. This will allow Thai AirAsia X to offer lower fares on its long-haul flights. The airline also plans to introduce new in-flight amenities, such as lie-flat seats and Wi-Fi, to improve the passenger experience. Thai AirAsia X is expected to start taking delivery of the new Airbus A330s in 2024. The airline has not yet announced which routes the new aircraft will be deployed on. However, it has said that it plans to open new services to Europe, North America, and Australia.


The addition of eleven Airbus A330s is a significant investment for Thai AirAsia X. However, it is a necessary step for the airline to compete with other long-haul carriers in the region. The airline is confident that the new aircraft will help it to grow its business and improve its financial performance.

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In addition to adding new aircraft, Thai AirAsia X is also working to improve its operational efficiency. The airline has been training its staff on new procedures and technology to reduce costs. It is also working to improve its customer service to attract more passengers. The approval of the bankruptcy plan and the addition of new aircraft are positive signs for Thai AirAsia X. The airline is on the road to recovery and is well-positioned to compete in the long-haul market.

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