Boeing delivery delays Causes Ryanair To Cut Flights In Winter

On Thursday, Ryanair revealed that it would be reducing its winter schedule due to Boeing aircraft delays. However, the airline assured its customers that its full-year traffic forecast remains unchanged for the time being. Ryanair, known as one of Boeing's major clients, had initially anticipated the arrival of 27 planes from September to December, according to a statement released. 


Due to production delays at the Spirit Fuselage facility in Wichita, Kansas, and Boeing repair and delivery delays in Seattle, a budget airline now anticipates receiving only 14 aircraft between October and December. The airline did not disclose the number of planes delivered in September. The Irish airline is actively pursuing ways to expedite deliveries from January to May 2024. However, if the delays persist or worsen into early next year, the airline may need to revise its traffic forecast. 

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According to a high-ranking Ryanair official who spoke to Reuters, it is possible that the delays in aircraft delivery may extend until next summer. The airline may not receive the complete order of 57 planes by May 2024, but it is currently too early to determine this. In an interview conducted in Lisbon, Eddie Wilson, the head of Ryanair DAC, which is the largest airline in the group, stated that there may be some delays in a small number of aircraft. Ryanair's shares, which have experienced a 28% increase this year, were up by 0.4% at 1530 GMT, having earlier declined during the session. When asked to confirm the delays and provide an update on delivery timings, a Boeing spokesperson said that the company values its partnership with Ryanair and is dedicated to supporting the airline. 


In July, Ryanair reduced its passenger forecast for the year to 183.5 million from 185 million due to the potential delays by Boeing and the impact of air traffic control strikes. The Group Chief Executive, Michael O'Leary, had been critical of Boeing last year for the delays that affected deliveries up to the summer season of 2023. However, in May, Ryanair signed a multibillion-dollar deal with Boeing for up to 300 jets. Ryanair had reported that deliveries had improved significantly until last month when a production flaw in Boeing's best-selling 737 MAX aircraft led to a slowdown in deliveries. Ryanair has announced flight cancellations that will begin at the end of October; all affected passengers will receive an email with the information in the coming days. Ryanair has decided to cut three planes from Charleroi airport in Belgium, two from Dublin, and five from Italian airports, including Bergamo, Naples, and Pisa. Additionally, there will be aircraft reductions in East Midlands Airport in the UK, Porto in Portugal, and Cologne, Germany.

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