Bangladesh to buy 10 Airbus jets, Macron said

On Monday, French President Emmanuel Macron announced that Bangladesh has agreed to purchase 10 aircraft from Airbus. This marks the first time the South Asian nation has made a deal with the European aircraft manufacturer, signaling a shift away from its predominantly Boeing fleet.


The deal for the A350 widebody airplanes, which is still in the final stages of negotiation, is with Biman Bangladesh Airlines Ltd., the country's national flagship carrier. Macron expressed his gratitude for their trust in the European aerospace industry during a media statement following a meeting with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.


Biman Bangladesh, which is 51 years old, operates a fleet of over 20 aircraft, primarily from Boeing. The fleet includes more than half widebody planes and some Dash-8 turboprops. According to Mahbub Ali, Bangladesh's junior minister for civil aviation, the initial order will be for two Airbus planes. He stated that they have requested 10 aircraft in phases and that a technical committee is currently evaluating the request. Ali highlighted that while other countries have both Airbus and Boeing in their fleets, Bangladesh only has Boeing.


The demand for more widebody aircraft from Biman Bangladesh comes at a time when travel is experiencing a significant rebound post-pandemic. The airline offers nonstop flights to 20 global destinations, including Britain, Malaysia, Thailand, and Canada.

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