Air France AF378 to Detroit declares emergency, diverting

Air France flight AF378 from Paris CDG to Detroit declared an emergency and diverted to Reykjavik, Iceland on September 4, 2023. The Boeing 777-200ER (reg. F-GSPX) was about 4 hours into the flight when pilots declared an emergency in the middle of the Atlantic.


According to data provided by, the aircraft turned north and diverted to Reykjavik, Iceland. F-GSPX is a 21.5-year-old airframe, having been delivered to the French carrier new back in March 2002. At this stage, it is unclear what the reason for the diversion is, but there was a 7700 emergency squawk transmission earlier, but the aircraft has since changed to a normal squawk code.

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Updates from AVS show that at 1920 UK time, Air France flight 378 between Paris CDG and Detroit was to the southwest of Reykjavik, Iceland at FL310. At 1922 UK time, AF378 began descending out of FL310 into Reykjavik Airport, Iceland. At 1926 UK time, AF378 was descending through FL200 as it continued its descent to its diversion airport. At 1929 UK time, winds at the moment in Reykjavik looked to be favoring Runway 28 for arrival. At 1932 UK time, AF378 passed through FL100 as preparations for its approach began. At 1936 UK time, Air France flight AF378 descended through 6,000 feet and looked to be setting itself up for an approach on Runway 28. 


At 1941 UK time, F-GSPX was on a short final approach into Reykjavik Airport, Iceland. At 1945 UK time, Air France flight AF378 between Paris CDG and Detroit successfully diverted to Reykjavik, Iceland following its brief emergency squawk transmission that resulted in this diversion.

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