Russia shoots down drones near Moscow and the Ukrainian border

Russia reported a new drone attack on Moscow overnight. The drone was brought down by air defense systems, but it forced the temporary closure of three major airports serving the capital. Two other airports in southern regions bordering Ukraine were also closed.


The Russian defense ministry said that it shot down another drone over the Bryansk region bordering Ukraine. The drone landed in a field, and there were no casualties. In the Belgorod region, air defenses shot down a drone near the village of Kupino, but four people were wounded by the Ukrainian shelling of another village.

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Ukraine did not immediately comment on the attacks. Cross-border shelling and drone attacks in southern Russia have been a frequent occurrence for many months, but drones aimed at Moscow are a more recent phenomenon.

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Two drones were fired at the Kremlin in early May. Since then, a business district of the capital has been hit several times and other parts of the city and wider region have also been targeted. While they have not caused deaths or serious damage in the capital, they have brought the war closer to home for Muscovites, undermining the Kremlin narrative that its “special military operation” in Ukraine is proceeding according to plan.

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