IndiGo will resume daily flights between Delhi and Hong Kong in October

IndiGo is restarting flights between New Delhi and Hong Kong in response to increasing travel demand in the Asia-Pacific region. The airline will resume the service on October 5th. IndiGo will operate a daily service with departure times of 05:20 from Delhi to Hong Kong and 15:55 from Hong Kong to Delhi.


Vinay Malhotra, Head of Global Sales, IndiGo, commented, “The Asia-Pacific region has witnessed a remarkable resurgence in air travel demand and passenger traffic over the past few months, signalling a vibrant rebound. Hong Kong occupies a pivotal role as a favored destination for both Indian tourists as well as enterprising business travelers”.

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IndiGo will compete directly with Air India and Cathay Pacific on this route, both of which deploy widebody planes offering a full-service experience as well as premium cabins. While Air India deploys its Boeing 787 Dreamliners between the two cities, Cathay Pacific flies a mixed fleet of Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

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As demand for travel in Asia and Southeast Asia comes back, IndiGo is also catering to the trend and restarting services that it dropped during the pandemic. Among those is the flight between New Delhi and Hong Kong, which the carrier will resume this October. This is great news for travelers looking to visit Hong Kong from Delhi. With more options available, it will be easier to find flights that fit your schedule and budget.

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