Netherlands government can restrict Schiphol Airport flights, court ruling

The Dutch appeal court has ruled that the Dutch government can cap the number of flights at Schiphol airport. The ruling is a victory for the government, which had proposed a cap of 460,000 flights per year, down from the current level of 500,000.

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The court's ruling was based on the government's argument that the cap is necessary to reduce noise pollution and air pollution at Schiphol. The court found that the government had presented sufficient evidence to support its claim that the cap would be effective in achieving these goals.


The court's ruling is a setback for airlines, which had argued that the cap would harm the Dutch economy and make it more difficult for businesses to operate in the Netherlands. However, the court found that the government's economic interests were outweighed by the need to protect public health.


The cap is expected to take effect in November 2023. Airlines will have until then to adjust their schedules accordingly. The ruling is a significant victory for the Dutch government, which has been under increasing pressure to address the environmental impact of Schiphol airport. The cap is expected to reduce noise pollution and air pollution at Schiphol, but it is also likely to have a negative impact on the Dutch economy and the travel industry. It remains to be seen how the airlines will adjust their schedules to comply with the cap.

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