KLM encourages passengers to switch to trains

KLM, the Dutch flag carrier, is urging some of its passengers to stop flying and start taking the train instead. The airline believes that short-haul flights between Amsterdam and Brussels are particularly harmful to the environment and that passengers can make a significant difference by taking the train instead. Earlier, France Began a short-haul flight ban where trains are suitable.


The train journey between Amsterdam and Brussels takes around 1 hour and 45 minutes, while the flight takes just 50 minutes. However, the train produces around 14 times less CO2 emissions than the flight. KLM CEO Marjan Rintel has said that the airline is "moving its customers from plane to train". She has also said that KLM is willing to stop flying to Brussels altogether if there are good rail connections available.


KLM's move is part of a wider trend in the airline industry. In recent years, there has been growing concern about the environmental impact of flying. Airlines are under pressure to reduce their emissions, and some are starting to offer incentives for passengers to take the train instead.

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For example, British Airways offers a 10% discount on train tickets to passengers who are willing to switch from flying. And EasyJet has said that it will start offering a "train ticket guarantee" in the future, which will allow passengers to claim a refund if their train journey is faster than their flight. It is too early to say whether KLM's move will be successful. 

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