EasyJet can change routes if heatwaves change holiday habits - CEO


Britain’s easyJet would be prepared to change its routes if heatwaves change holiday habits in the years to come, the airline’s chief executive Johan Lundgren said on Thursday. His comments came as the airline reported record Q3 results on the back of strong travel demand even as temperatures soared across southern Europe in recent weeks.


A report by the European Travel Commission showed that tourists were taking more of an interest in travelling to more northern locales to dodge heatwaves and were booking fewer holidays to the Mediterranean in the peak summer months. Lundgren said the airline had the flexibility to change routes based on demand, even from one year to another.


“So, I don’t assume that this is going to be a big issue for us,” he continued. This summer’s record temperatures hadn’t impacted easyJet’s customers so far, he added and hadn’t deterred travellers from going to their usual sunny holiday spots. So far, people were more concerned with finally getting to have their holidays, even in the heat, he said.

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Source: Reuters

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