BREAKING | Schiphol Cancelled More Than 400 Flights Amid Rare Summer Storm

A rare summer storm hit the Netherlands on Wednesday, causing widespread damage and travel disruptions.  Winds gusted up to 145 kilometers per hour, toppling trees and causing flight cancellations at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport. A 51-year-old lady died in Haarlem after a tree fell on her car, according to local police.

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The storm, named Poly, is the Netherlands' worst-ever summer storm and its strongest overall since January 2018. It is caused by an unusually long dry spell in May and June, which has left trees brittle and heavy with leaves.

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Schiphol airport canceled more than 400 flights, a spokesperson said, with traffic expected to be limited until at least 4 pm local time (1400 GMT). Train operators NS and Arriva halted all services in the country's north, and a highway north of Amsterdam was closed due to falling trees.


The storm also caused power outages in parts of the country, and several people were injured by falling trees. In Amsterdam, a 51-year-old woman died after a tree fell on the car she was in. The storm is expected to move east over the north of the country and become less intense during the afternoon. However, there is still a risk of further damage and disruptions.

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