American Airlines flight delayed three hours due to a hidden passenger!

A female passenger on an American Airlines flight, departing from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, caused a disruption when she claimed to see something that no one else could see. The woman, who has not been identified, was reportedly sitting in her seat when she started pointing to the back of the plane and saying that there was someone there. The other passengers on the plane could not see what the woman was talking about, but she insisted that there was a person sitting in the back. She became increasingly agitated and eventually started yelling at the other passengers, telling them that they were all going to die.

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The flight crew was eventually able to calm the woman down, but she was still visibly shaken. She refused to explain what she had seen, and she was eventually taken off the plane by authorities. The incident has left many people wondering what the woman was actually seeing. Some have speculated that she may have been hallucinating, while others have suggested that she may have been suffering from a mental illness.


It is also possible that the woman was simply mistaken, and that she thought she saw something that was not there. However, the fact that she was so adamant about what she saw and that she became so agitated, suggests that there may have been more to her story.


Whatever the explanation, the incident is a reminder that mental health issues can sometimes manifest themselves in public and that it is important to be understanding and supportive of those who are struggling.

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