Air India begins A350 staff training, first batch delivered in November

Air India, the national carrier of India, is gearing up to receive its first batch of Airbus A350 aircraft later this year. The Tata Group-owned airline has decided to procure its maiden batch of wide-bodied Airbus A350 aircraft. It is after sixteen years that the group has made an aircraft purchase, since 2006. In preparation for the induction of these new planes, Air India is developing in-house engineering capabilities and interviewing cabin crew for A350 aircraft induction. The airline ordered 470 planes in February, including 6 A350-900 and 34 A350-1000 variants. The Tata group-owned airlines' engineers are being trained on A350.

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The Airbus A350 is a state-of-the-art aircraft that offers advanced fuel efficiency and passenger comfort. Air India's decision to procure these planes is part of its ambitious fleet renewal and expansion program. The airline aims to operate the most advanced and fuel-efficient aircraft across its route network within five years.


Air India's training program for its employees includes both technical and operational aspects of the Airbus A350. Engineers are being trained on the maintenance and repair of the aircraft, while cabin crew are being trained on the features and amenities of the plane. The goal is to ensure a smooth transition to the new aircraft and provide passengers with the best possible flying experience.


Air India's decision to procure Airbus A350 aircraft and train its staff for their operations is a significant step towards modernizing its fleet and improving its services. The airline's investment in these advanced planes and the training of its employees demonstrates its commitment to providing passengers with a world-class flying experience. We look forward to seeing Air India's Airbus A350s take to the skies!

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