A Close-Call For Ryanair, Cleared To Land With Azores Airlines Plane On Runway


A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, performing flight FR-4585 from Barcelona, SP (Spain) to Porto (Portugal), was cleared to land on runway 35 at Porto Airport. The plane was about 1 nautical mile from the runway threshold when the crew saw another aircraft, an Azores Airlines Airbus A321-200N, already on the runway. The Ryanair crew initiated a go-around and landed safely a few minutes later.

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The Azores Airlines plane had been cleared to line up on the runway but was still waiting for takeoff clearance. The aircraft took off about 4 minutes after the Ryanair plane initiated its go-around.

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Portugal's air traffic control (ATC) organization, NAV, has opened an internal investigation into the incident. Portugal's accident investigation agency, GPIAAF, has also rated the incident as a serious incident and has opened an investigation.

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