Two flights aborted landing at SFO due to Southwest 737 crossing active runways

Last week, two flights aborted landing at San Francisco International Airport when pilots noticed a Southwest Airlines jet taxiing across runways where the other planes had been allowed to land. 


On May 19th, 2023, United Airlines and Alaska Airlines planes were forced to abort landing attempts at San Francisco International Airport owing to a Southwest Boeing 737 crossing two active runways.


The Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 (registration N262WN) was taxiing to leave on flight #WN1179 from San Francisco International Airport to San Diego International Airport. A United Airlines Boeing 737 MAX-9 (registration N37548) was on final approach to SFO on runway 28 left at the time. 

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Flight #UA277 from Washington Dulles to San Francisco was forced to conduct a go-around when a Southwest Airlines 737-700 crossed runway 28L. Two minutes later, an Alaska Airlines Airbus A321neo (registration N928VA) was flying flight #AS553 from Washington Dulles to San Francisco.

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