The challenge of finding a chief for the FAA

It's really mysterious! In a country that has the finest pilots in the world, civil and military, can't find a nominee for the title "Head of FAA".


Following the resignation of the former head of FAA, Steve Dickson, news came from Reuters that congressional and industry officials named Captain Chesley Sullenberger "Sully" and Lee Moak as potential nominees for the job. That was shortly after Dickson's resignation was announced in February 2022. But then, out of nowhere, Billy Nolen was named as interim head of FAA. For more than a year, only one name was nominated for the position of FAA Chief, and that was Phil Washington, the head of Denver International Airport. A nomination that was met with criticism and astonishment! The man is not even a pilot! With all the big names in US aviation, a head of an airport is nominated as head of the FAA. Even though Mr. Washington was backed by the Biden administration, the man couldn't take the harsh criticism coming from Congress, and eventually withdraw after a massive attack from Republicans due to his qualifications. Again, the Biden administration appoints Polly Trottenberg, as another interim head for the FAA, with no nominee for the position. 

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The U.S. federal aviation administration is the most important local aviation regulator worldwide, and this is due to the important role that it plays in the world aviation industry. Thousands of American-made aircraft are approved by the FAA and are flying worldwide at any given moment. Local regulators in many countries approve operating American-made airliners based on the approval of the FAA. Rules and regulations made by FAA are being adopted by other countries' regulators. The agency has special importance, not only locally, but also internationally. 


In recent years, FAA has been facing many challenges. It all started with the two Boeing 737 MAX crashes, that were approved by FAA. Two crashes that made FAA credibility at stake. The type was grounded for more than two years, and FAA was questioned by lawmakers in the country on FAA processes to approve the aircraft. FAA also came under fire from the public and families of victims. FAA, supervised by Congress, tirelessly scrutinized the 737 MAX to recertify it. 

737 MAX was not the only Boeing issue that FAA faced. The repeated quality flaws in 787 were also an issue that caused the FAA to halt deliveries of the aircraft to customers.

Post-pandemic, FAA faced several safety issues, including repeated runway incursions and close calls, which, luckily, didn't end up with catastrophes. 5G network spectrum in the U.S. was also a headache for FAA and maybe still is. 

Can it be that all these challenges make it difficult to find a person, who would accept the nomination for the position? 

Tell us in the comments, why do you think the position is still vacant?

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