Thai Airways CEO predicts fleet growth in next decade

Thai Airways International is planning to double its narrow-body plane fleet over the next decade, as the airline seeks to expand its regional and domestic network. The CEO of Thai Airways, Sumeth Damrongchaitham, said that the airline is looking to order up to 100 new narrow-body aircraft, with a focus on the Airbus A320neo and Boeing 737 MAX families.

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Damrongchaitham said that the new aircraft will be used to replace older planes in the Thai Airways fleet, as well as to expand the airline's reach to new destinations.


"We are confident that the new narrow-body aircraft will help us to improve our efficiency and service levels," Damrongchaitham said. "This will allow us to offer our passengers more convenient and affordable travel options."

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The decision by Thai Airways to double its narrow-body fleet is a sign of the airline's confidence in the future of the Thai aviation market. The Thai economy is expected to grow at a healthy pace in the coming years, and this will create more demand for air travel.

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