Ryanair's monthly traffic reaches an all-time high in May

Ryanair, the Irish low-cost airline, announced on Friday that it flew a record 17 million passengers in May, its highest for a single month. This represents a 10% increase from a year earlier. The previous traffic record was 16.9 million in August 2022.

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The airline attributed the increase in traffic to a number of factors, including strong demand for travel, the easing of travel restrictions, and its low fares. Ryanair is now operating at 99% of its pre-pandemic capacity.

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The airline's CEO, Michael O'Leary, said that the record traffic figures were "a testament to the resilience of the Ryanair brand and our commitment to providing our customers with the lowest fares on the market." He added that the airline expects to carry a record 200 million passengers in the current financial year.


Ryanair's record traffic figures come at a time when the airline industry is facing a number of challenges, including rising fuel costs and staff shortages. However, Ryanair's low fares and strong brand loyalty have helped it to weather the storm and continue to grow. The airline's success is a sign that the travel industry is recovering from the pandemic and that demand for travel is strong. Ryanair is well-positioned to benefit from this recovery and continue to grow in the years to come.

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