Qatar Airways To halt A380 Once A350 Deliveries Are Resumed

Qatar Airways had grounded its Airbus A380 fleet in 2020 due to the pandemic. However, the airline brought the aircraft back into service in 2021 to meet passenger demand and to compensate for the capacity lost due to A350 cracking paint dispute with Airbus. Now that the A350 deliveries have resumed, Qatar Airways will be phasing out the A380 again.


During a media session with journalists at Paris Airshow, the airline's CEO, Akbar Al Baker, said that the A380 was a "mistake" and that he does not see a future for the aircraft. He said that the A380 will be phased out gradually, with the last aircraft being retired by February 2024. Al Baker also said that Qatar Airways is on good terms with Airbus and that the two companies appreciate each other's business. However, he said that the A380 will not be part of the future relationship between the two companies.


The decision to phase out the A380 is a significant one for Qatar Airways. The aircraft was a major part of the airline's fleet and was used on some of its most popular routes. However, the A380 is a very expensive aircraft to operate and Qatar Airways has decided that it is no longer worth the cost.

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The phasing out of the A380 is also a sign of the changing times in the aviation industry. The superjumbo was once the most popular aircraft in the world, but it has been overtaken by newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft. As the industry moves towards a more sustainable future, the A380 is becoming increasingly obsolete.

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