Emirates Expects to Receive 777X In 2024 for Flight Testing.

Boeing has announced that it will send a 777X aircraft to Emirates for proving flights in 2024. The proving flights will allow Emirates to test the aircraft in its operating environment and gather data that will be used for certification.

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The 777X is a new generation of widebody aircraft from Boeing. It is the largest and most efficient aircraft in the company's fleet. The 777X is powered by GE9X engines, which are the most powerful commercial jet engines in the world.


Emirates is a major customer for the 777X. The airline has ordered 115 of the aircraft. The 777X will allow Emirates to replace its aging fleet of 777-200LR aircraft.

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The proving flights are a significant milestone for the 777X program. They will help to ensure that the aircraft is ready for commercial service. The 777X is scheduled to enter service in 2025.

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