Argentina to buy six Bell 407GXi helicopters

The Ministry of Defense of Argentina has confirmed the purchase of six Bell 407GXi helicopters from Bell Textron Canada Ltd., a division of Textron Inc. Argentina's search and rescue capabilities are strengthened as a result of the purchase deal struck with the Canadian Commercial Corporation. The Bell 407GXi helicopters are well-suited for high-altitude conditions and will be used for search and rescue missions in Argentina's mountainous terrain by the Argentine Air Force and Army.


Bell Textron Canada's Managing Director for Latin America, John Ramos, voiced confidence in the platform, citing its proven effectiveness in high-altitude situations. Three of the helicopters will be allocated to the Argentine Army and three to the Argentine Air Force.


This acquisition is a significant step forward for Argentina, strengthening its capabilities to respond to emergency situations and boost search and rescue operations. The Bell 407GXi's dependability and performance are projected to boost Argentina's Ministry of Defense's effectiveness.

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Steeve Lavoie, a Bell Textron Canada Ltd. official, emphasized the collaboration with the Canadian Commercial Corporation, emphasizing the dependability and performance of the Bell 407GXi fleet. "This announcement is a testament to Bell and CCC's long-standing partnership in delivering Canadian-built helicopters to customers all over the world." The Argentine MOD will benefit from the unrivaled dependability and performance of its new Bell 407GXi fleet, and our team is excited to support their search and rescue mission." The purchase of Bell 407GXi helicopters indicates Argentina's commitment to increasing its military capabilities and improving national security. Argentina will be able to provide quick and effective help in crucial emergencies, protecting the protection of its inhabitants.

Story Reported By Aero-News Journal

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