A woman yelled at Chinese flight attendants for not speaking Japanese

A Japanese woman has been chastised on social media after a video of her yelling at China Airlines flight attendants went viral. A China Airlines flight from Fukuoka, Japan, to Taipei, Taiwan, was allegedly delayed for around 40 minutes on June 4 owing to a disruptive passenger. In social media footage, a Japanese customer can be heard yelling at flight staff for not speaking Japanese. 

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The customer initiates the dispute by rising up and facing the flight attendants. When a member of the staff attempts to welcome the traveler, she yells in English, "Not good to meet you. I'm sorry to meet you. "Awful experience." "I'm very upset, China Airlines," the customer screams. "What exactly are you girls doing?"


Despite the attendants' efforts to explain in English, the woman wonders whether they "speak only Chinese." After stating that she is Japanese, the traveler requests that the staff talk to her in her native tongue. "Sorry, Japanese, please," the woman exclaims, interrupting a flight announcement. "Why don't you guys speak Japanese?" she asks. When a fellow passenger asks her to keep quiet as the plane is ready to take off, she yells at them, "What are you? "Who are you?" She continues to shout at the flight attendants before being removed from the plane, demanding an apology.


The Incident brings back to memory a similar situation on an Air Canada flight in April when a business-class passenger from Quebec City realized that the flight attendant assigned to his zone couldn't speak French, he was upset and enraged.

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