U.S. screens highest number of air passengers since 2019

The Transportation Security Administration screened 2.658 million passengers on Thursday, the highest number since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, as U.S. holiday travel got off to a smooth start.


"So far so good," Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told CNBC on Friday. Despite the record travel Thursday "the system held up quite well," Buttigieg added noting less than 1% of flights were canceled Thursday. The number of passengers screened Thursday was the highest for a single day since November 2019.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) estimated more than 51,000 flights would take place Thursday, the highest number during the seven-day Memorial Day travel period. The FAA estimates that there will be about 4.5% more flights during the period versus 2022 but slightly less than in 2019.


Airlines are in many cases operating larger planes today as they have trimmed flights -- especially in New York -- to smooth operations.

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Source: Reuters

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