Ryanair demands EU protection for overflights from strikes

Ryanair has urged the European Commission to take action to protect overflights from strikes. The airline has delivered a petition signed by 1.1 million EU passengers to the Commission, demanding that action be taken to prevent strikes by air traffic controllers from disrupting flights. 

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Ryanair has said that the strikes are "unacceptable" and that they are causing "significant disruption" to passengers. The airline has called on the Commission to take "modest action" to protect overflights, such as requiring air traffic controllers to provide a minimum level of service during strikes. The Commission has said that it is "aware of the concerns" raised by Ryanair and that it is "considering" what action to take.

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Ryanair's call for action comes after a series of strikes by air traffic controllers in recent months. In March, strikes by French air traffic controllers caused widespread disruption to flights across Europe. Also in March, strikes by Spanish air traffic controllers caused a similar disruption. The strikes have been caused by a number of factors, including pay disputes and concerns about working conditions. Air traffic controllers are responsible for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of flights. When they go on strike, it can have a significant impact on air travel. Ryanair's call for action has been welcomed by some passengers and industry groups. However, it has also been criticized by some air traffic controllers' unions. The unions argue that strikes are a legitimate way for workers to express their concerns and that the Commission should not interfere in their industrial relations.

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The Commission is likely to face a difficult decision in this case. It will need to balance the interests of passengers and airlines with the rights of air traffic controllers. It is also likely to be mindful of the impact that its decision will have on the wider economy. It remains to be seen what action the Commission will take. However, Ryanair's call for action has put the issue of overflight strikes firmly on the agenda.

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