Airbus seeks to collaborate with Malaysian companies to promote sustainability

Airbus is seeking new partnerships in Malaysia to work towards the decarbonization of the aerospace sector in a cross-sectoral approach. President Asia Pacific Anand Stanley said sustainability has become a critical factor for airlines around the world when making their fleet decisions. 

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Airbus is set to demonstrate its latest generation A220 aircraft powered by a 10% blend of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Kuching to Langkawi at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (Lima) 2023. 


SAF is produced from sources such as used cooking oil, municipal waste, or biomasses that do not compete with the food chain and are produced with no negative impact on the environment. Airbus has recently made a proposal to supply four H175 multipurpose helicopters to the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency to support maritime security operations. 


The H175 is suitable for search and rescue, law enforcement, fire-fighting, border security, maritime patrol, emergency medical services, utility, and offshore missions.

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