Pakistan Approves WizzAir Operations In The Country

According to a representative for Pakistan's Civil Aviation, all legal issues with the United Arab Emirates have been settled. As a result, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will be able to launch flights to and from Pakistan. The representative went on to say that the government of the United Arab Emirates has not responded. Nonetheless, the Pakistani government is attempting to obtain Wizz Air's consent in order to help increase passenger convenience for those flying to and from the nation. 

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From the United Arab Emirates city, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi already runs a wide range of flights. The airline's network in the nation currently serves 11 distinct routes to 10 distinct nations. These places include, among others, Yerevan, Armenia, Athens, Greece, and Alexandria, Egypt. Since the beginning of these flights, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi has also utilized the Airbus A321Neo for these routes. 


In light of the nation's present foreign reserve problem, a number of airlines have had trouble filling tickets in the aviation sector. As it becomes more challenging to repatriate money, many airlines are considering cutting or pulling back their flights to Pakistan. Head of IATA's Asia-Pacific region, Philip Goh, offered his opinion on the circumstance, saying, "Prior to being able to repatriate their assets, airlines are experiencing significant delays. Several airlines still have money from sales in 2022 trapped in Pakistan."

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Wizz Air might consider entering this market even though the United Arab Emirates' government hasn't responded to the Pakistani government. Wizz Air recently declared that by the end of 2023, it hoped to have more than 200 aircraft in its fleet. By 2030, the airline hopes to have a fleet of more than 500 aircraft.

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