Nigeria Air ready for launch says ET Boss, lawsuit remains only obstacle: report

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In the latest development concerning the establishment of Nigeria Air, Ethiopian Airlines (ET) CEO Mesfin Tasew, has confirmed that the new proposed flag carrier is ready for launch, however, only one obstacle remains. In a podcast interview on April 13, 2023, with  Avia Dev Insight Africa’s host and CEO, Jon Howel, Tasew confirmed that “excellent progress” had been made towards Nigeria Air’s establishment and that ET had already agreed “on nearly all terms” with all stakeholders in the new carrier. 


“We have already agreed with all the consortium of shareholders who will participate in setting up the airline [and] we have also reached [an] agreement with the Nigerian government on nearly all terms,” said Tasew. “So now we’re ready to start [the] airline except there is one obstacle,” highlighted Tasew. “That obstacle is a court case,” continued Tasew. 

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Source: Aerotime Hub

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