INCIDENT | Delta A321 aborted takeoff while another aircraft was about to cross the runway

Delta Air Lines (DL) Airbus A321 departing from New Orleans had to abort takeoff due to another flight crossing the runway. Following the incident, passengers were required to reschedule their flights, and WVUE reported the news. A frequent flyer experienced an incident on March 31, 23 in New Orleans, which resulted in a travel delay. The incident is said to be part of a growing problem in the airline industry.

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Takeoff Aborted

Dallas Richins, a frequent business traveler, described an incident he experienced on a Delta flight. The traveler said from Louis Armstrong New Orleans International to Salt Lake City on Friday night was the “scariest incident” of his life. The flight, Delta Air Lines Flight DL1482, was forced to make an emergency stop just as it was taking off, as a private Learjet on the tarmac got too close. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) informed that the Learjet did not cross the “hold short line.” But the air traffic controller canceled the takeoff clearance for the Delta Airbus A321 as a precaution.

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The aircraft remained on the tarmac for almost 45 minutes before returning to the gate to allow the jet’s brakes to cool down. Passengers had to rebook their flights, and Richins said the chaos continued even after the incident. According to Richins, passengers were left trying to rebook their flights and experiencing long wait times on the phone with Delta.


He stated, “It was a disaster… Poor people, they didn’t have any staff there. So the flight attendants were rebooking people.” Delta Air Lines’s spokesperson apologized for the incident and its impact on travelers, stating that safety is its top priority. Delta Flight DL 1482 flies from Salt Lake City Airport (SLC) to New Orleans Airport (MSY).

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Source: Airlive

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