Flight #AI111 to London Heathrow returned after a passenger pulled the hair of the female cabin crew

Air India’s London-bound flight returns to Delhi after passenger hits cabin crew. A Delhi-London Air India flight on Monday returned to Delhi after an unruly passenger had a brawl with crew members mid-air. The airline has lodged a complaint with the Delhi Airport Police on the incident and handed over the unruly passenger to the police, the news agency reported.

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The Air India flight took off from Delhi at 6.35am and the brawl took place after some time forcing the plane to make a turn and come back to Delhi again. The male passenger reportedly pulled the hair of the female cabin crew 15 minutes after the AI-111 Delhi-London flight took off.


The flight returned to Delhi to deboard the unruly passenger who started creating troubles soon after the flight took off. The unruly passenger was deboarded at the airport and the flight took off for London.

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“Air India flight AI 111 scheduled to operate Delhi-London Heathrow on April 10, 2023 returned to Delhi shortly after departure due to the serious unruly behaviour of a passenger on board. Not heeding to verbal and written warnings, the passenger continued with unruly behaviour including causing physical harm to two of the cabin crew members. The pilot in command decided to return to Delhi and the passenger was handed over to the security personnel upon landing,” Air India said in a statement.

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Source: Airlive

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