AeroMexico Boeing 737 collided with Delta Boeing 757 at Mexico

During the taxi for take-off at Mexico City-Intl AP (MMMX), a ground collision occurred between an Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 (XA-AMO) and a Delta Air Lines Boing 757-200 (N649DL). The B757 was waiting at taxiway “H” to cross runway 23L, while the B737 proceeded at “D” for take-off from runway 23L. On April 17, a collision took place between two aeroplanes at the International Airport of Mexico City (AICM). The incident happened when the aircraft was taxiing through Bravo (B) and Delta (D).

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The planes involved were an Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 registered as XA-AMO and a Delta Air Lines Boeing 757 registered as N694DL. The Aeromexico aircraft departing for San Francisco (SFO) as flight AM622. While the Delta Air Lines aircraft had just arrived from New York (JFK) as flight DL625.

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Based on the images available, it appears that the winglet of the Aeromexico Boeing 737 collided with the horizontal stabilizer of the Delta Boeing 757 and got stuck. As a result, both planes have sustained significant damage. It must undergo thorough inspections and repairs before they can resume commercial operations. As of now, the status of the return flight from Mexico City to New York (JFK) is uncertain. It is unclear whether the flight will be cancelled or delayed until Delta or its partner, Aeromexico, can arrange a recovery flight. In the meantime, Aeromexico has replaced the Boeing 737 involved in the collision with other aircraft in its schedule, reported Transponder1200.

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Similar Incident

On Sunday, two Delta flights collided with each other at Miami International Airport as they were getting ready for departure. Delta Flight 1654 was heading from Miami to Atlanta, while Delta Flight 2911’s destination was Boston. According to officials with the Miami International Airport, the Boston flight was backing out of its gate before departure when it hit the Atlanta-bound flight. Delta officials say that both passengers and crew members were able to exit the plane “safely and normally”.

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