Spain: Teruel Airport Inaugurates New Hangar for Simultaneous Maintenance of Two Airbus A380s

The Consortium of the Airport of Teruel inaugurated on Monday a gigantic hangar that can contain up to two Airbus A380, the largest commercial passenger plane today. The works, which began in August 2020, required an investment of 23 million euros. It is expected that the new hangar will enhance the role of the Teruel airport platform as a leader in aeronautical services in the region. Inside the hangar, maintenance tasks can be carried out for up to two A380 simultaneously, or up to six Airbus A321.


The hangar measures 656.17 feet in width, nearly 328.08 feet in depth, and 127.95 feet in height, which is comparable to a 13-story building and makes it the tallest in Spain. Additionally, the adjacent platform spans 269,097 square feet. The main modular door is 603.68 feet wide and 88.58 feet high, while the total area of the new installation is 193,750 square feet, with more than 172,222 square feet being useful. The office space is 26,909.78 square feet, and the workshop sector occupies 38,750.19 square feet. In terms of its structure, it consists of 36,256.56 medium-length bars of 14.76 feet and approximately 11,811.02 junction spheres up to 17.72 inches in diameter.


The Aragon government highlighted that the new hangar “will serve to increase business figures and create 150 jobs.” The tender for the concession of the use of the hangar is open until March 31, and the specifications establish an annual fee of 1.4 million euros per year (without VAT) with a duration of 25 years renewable for 10 more years.

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The consortium indicated that considering the time until the activity is implemented, the implementation of the fee will be progressive, paying 20% the first year, 30% the second year, 40% the third year, 60% the fourth year, and 80% the fifth year, starting to pay 100% of the fee from the sixth year until the end of the concession.

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The numbers of Teruel airport

Inaugurated in 2013, Teruel airport is deployed on a land of 540 hectares, having since then registered more than 18,000 operations, 82 million euros of investment, and more than 350 jobs. Known as PLATA (Plataforma Aeroportuaria de Teruel), it belongs to the consortium formed by the Government of Aragon and the Teruel City Council. It is in the center of the main Spanish cities, which concentrate 60% of Spain’s GDP and more than 20 million inhabitants within a radius of four hundred kilometers. Its runway is 2,825 meters long and 45 meters wide, and the aircraft apron is 108,800 square meters. It also has an aircraft storage area of 120 hectares with a capacity for up to 250 aircraft.

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