SkyWest flight delayed for over an hour after flight attendants reportedly get into fight

Passengers on a recent SkyWest flight from Los Angeles to Houston, Texas, were delayed for over an hour after the flight attendants reportedly got into an argument and refused to work with each other. Ashley Brewer, an anchor on ESPN, tweeted on March 12 that her flight was delayed for a rather unusual reason.

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“Guys. My flight can’t take off [because] 2 flight attendants got in a fight and are now REFUSING to work together. Now [we’re] delayed. We’re sitting here waiting for them to talk it out, but nope! Lady won’t budge,” Brewer wrote on Twitter. “She reopened the door and all … I can’t believe this is real life,” she added.

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“SkyWest is aware of reports regarding a flight attendant issue that caused flight 4860, operating as American Eagle from Los Angeles to Houston, to be delayed on Saturday,” SkyWest told Fox News Digital in an emailed statement on Wednesday evening, March 15. In a follow-up TikTok video, Brewer said the argument began when the woman sitting next to her in first class requested a seat switch with a person in coach so that she could sit next to her husband — who was also seated in coach. The male flight attendant agreed to let the passenger switch seats, said Brewer — but the female flight attendant did not.


The female flight attendant then went up to the front of the plane, cried — and told Brewer that she would not fly with the male flight attendant. A new set of flight attendants were eventually put on the plane and the flight was finally able to take off.

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Source: Airlive

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