Lufthansa gears up to launch its newest carrier, City Airlines

Lufthansa Group is gearing up to launch its latest airline, City Airlines, the brand-new website for which is already live. While an official opening date has not been revealed, the airline is scheduled to fly to “major European cities and remote regions” from mid-2023. 

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According to Aviator the regional carrier will operate with an Airbus fleet and hiring is underway to find new staff. City Airlines will reportedly look to combine the “quality of Lufthansa” with the “experience of Lufthansa CityLine,” another subsidiary of Lufthansa Group. However, the carrier’s website claims that City Airlines will harness the “dynamism of a new young company”.  City Airlines GmbH was founded in Munich, which will act as the carrier’s hub, during the summer of 2022 according to the website. City Airlines will focus on short and medium-haul routes, expanding the European route network within the Lufthansa Group. 

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On the airline’s website, the Lufthansa Group writes: “We expand the European route network in the Lufthansa Group and bring you to your destination in our modern and economical Airbus fleet. “Behind the company is a highly professional team in the cockpit and cabin, which is characterized as much by training in accordance with Lufthansa standards as by its great diversity.” City Airlines is looking for a “highly professional team of colleagues” with a variety of different skills and backgrounds, who can “think outside the box”. 

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Source: Aero Time

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