INCIDENT | Tunisair Airbus A330’s door damaged in Canada

Tunisair Airbus A330 L2 Door was Tore Off and found damaged when the aircraft was at Montreal Airport in Canada. The incident dates back to 4 march this month. Apparently, the Twitter user shared the images of the damaged Tunisair Airbus A330 received while at the bay at Montreal airport.


The L2 door tore off the fuselage structure when the person tried to touch the door through their fingers. Subsequently, the reason for this incident is unknown, and if you know any possible explanations. The aircraft that belongs to the national carrier of Tunisia, Tunisair, is having the registration. TS-IFM. Furthermore, the airline received the delivery of this aircraft in 2015, eight years ago. Here are some photos of the Tunisair Airbus A330 plane L2 door that has been found damaged in Canada.


Aircraft grounded

According to the flight tracking site,, the A330, having reg TS-IFM took off from Tunis (TUN) and landed with a delay at Montreal (YUL). Since March 4, amid the incident, the aircraft is grounded at YUL. The Tunisair maintenance staff are working to fix the damaged Airbus A330. Moreover, once the repair work is completed, the aircraft will be back to roll on the runway and touch the skies.

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This is very serious trouble as the second Airbus A330 of Tunisair is under C-check at its facility. However, the aircraft under C-check has been grounded since the COVID-19 Pandemic and has returned back to service. The passengers are safe, and the passengers have reached their destination with another A330 aircraft belonging to Tunisair airlines. According to, the airline currently operates a fleet of 14 aircraft. Subsequently, as per Flightconnections data, it serves close to 3 domestic destinations and 41 international destinations in 23 countries by March 2023.

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Source: Airlive

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