Incident | A passenger was fatally injured after a business jet hit heavy turbulence

The private plane, Bombardier Challenger 300 hit by severe turbulence forcing planes to divert to Bradley International Airport (BDL). Due to severe turbulence, the passenger onboard was shattered hard, and following this one person died. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is investigating the incident and shared it on Twitter.


As reported by, the Connecticut Airport Authority expresses that, the private plane was diverted to BDL around 4:00 pm due to a medical emergency. The state troopers also stated that they responded to the call for medical assistance at the airport. There was a total of three passengers and two cabin crew onboard the private Bombardier Challenger 300. The state police departed and stated, the NTSB along with the FBI is currently investigating the accident. The NTSB scrutinized the flight data and voice recordings to collect more details on this happening.

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Source: Airlive

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