Hong Kong's Greater Bay Airlines announces order for 15 Boeing 737-9 airplanes

HONG KONG's Greater Bay Airlines (GBA) announced on Friday an order for 15 Boeing 737-9 airplanes, according to a company statement. The statement was issued ahead of a signing ceremony in Hong Kong between Stan Deal, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, and Wong Cho Bau, the chairman of Greater Bay Airlines. The agreement includes a "commitment" for five 787 Dreamliners from Boeing to support GBA's plans for international long-haul services, the statement added.

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GBA, which launched last year, operates a fleet of three 737-800 jets, with flights to four destinations including Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo and Seoul. "The airline also plans to bring in a number of additional 737-800s to meet its expansion needs before the arrival of the 737-9," the statement added. The fledgling airline's CEO, Stanley Hui, had said this year that he planned to boost its fleet of planes as travel ramps up after years of COVID-19 restrictions.

Source: Reuters, through The Star

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