American Airlines is putting flight attendants on notice to comply with its uniform crackdown.

In a fresh crackdown on crew members who disobey some of the Dallas Fort Worth-based airline’s strict appearance requirements, American Airlines has warned its own flight attendants to polish up their acts. A recent message from a flight service manager, who is in charge of overseeing the behavior of some of American Airlines’ 20,000 flight attendants, warned the crew that uniform flouters would soon face enforcement action in an effort to achieve “100% compliance.”

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According to the memo, flight service supervisors will be posted all throughout airports to look for anybody who breaks the rules and warn that “follow-up” action may also be taken. “Uniform non-compliance is sometimes an elemental goes unnoticed and isn’t addressed,” the memo admits before warning: “Effective immediately, American Airlines has a goal of achieving an environment of 100% uniform compliance through 2023”.


The memo continues: “If you happen to be observed non-compliant in uniform, we will approach you with follow-up to include the reason for concern and a non-compliant uniform report”.

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According to View from the Wing, parts of American Airlines’ uniforms prohibit flight attendants from wearing green, orange, or yellow nail polish. Furthermore forbidden are nail art, glitter, and nails with several colors.

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Source: Crew Room

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