American Airlines Flight Attendants Demand 35% Increase in Hourly Pay Rates

In its most recent proposals during protracted contract negotiations with the Dallas Fort Worth-based airline, the union that represents about 23,000 flight attendants at American Airlines is calling for a 35 percent increase in hourly pay rates, as well as boarding pay and a slew of other salary improvements. If approved, senior flight attendants at the top of the wage scale would make more than $95 per hour, while newly hired flight attendants may make close to $41 per hour — an increase from the current pay rate of $30.35 for new hires.


In addition, a rise in hourly pay rates of 6% for each year of the three-year contract has been proposed by the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA). A senior flight attendant might be paid almost $110 per hour toward the end of the contract. The “comprehensive economic proposal” was delivered to American Airlines on Thursday following an analysis by the union of a number of variables, including industry-wide pay, the economy, and inflation.

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In a statement, the union admitted that there was still “lots of bargaining to end up with our final economic package” and that the final agreement could look much different than its initial proposals. Coupled with significant increases in hourly pay rates, the APFA has urged American Airlines to begin providing boarding pay to flight attendants, a contentious issue that has long infuriated crew members because boarding may be one of the most demanding aspects of the job.

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Source: Crew Room

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