The airspace over Saint Petersburg is closed due to an unidentified flying object

The airspace over Saint Petersburg has been closed after a UFO was spotted near the airport.

An unidentified flying object is reported over St. Petersburg, Russia. The airport, therefore, does not accept planes.

Civilian aircraft are not allowed to approach St. Petersburg.

  • UPDATE Both St. Petersburg and Murmansk airports have reopened.
  • UPDATE Russian fighter jets have taken off to investigate.

The government of Russia’s second city said on its official Telegram channel that it had halted all flights at the airport until 1200 local time (0900 GMT). It did not provide a reason for the suspension.

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The state-run TASS news agency said that airspace within a 200-kilometer (124-mile) radius of Pulkovo had been closed until 1320 local time, citing an unnamed source. Commercial Flights into Murmansk and Kaliningrad Airports also appear to now be diverting away. Pulkovo Airport has been closed for air traffic.

Source: Airlive

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