Tape seen on AirAsia plane seats, head of engineering: "not a safety issue"

AirAsia said on Tuesday (Feb 21) that photos circulating on social media of seats with tape covering their armrests showed "cosmetic cabin repairs" and that the tape was a "temporary measure".

The airline's statement comes after Facebook user Edward Yong shared pictures on Monday, showing several seats aboard his AirAsia X flight that sported yellow tape over their armrests. 

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"I feel very (embarrassed). Foreigners must be thinking they are going to a very backward country," he wrote.

In one picture, the tape can be seen on a majority of several rows of seats on the plane.

The flight, D7379, was traveling from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur, according to Mr. Yong.

"Only business class not affected," he commented on one photo.

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Responding to CNA's queries, the head of engineering at AirAsia X said that the yellow vinyl tape was used amid a shortage of spare parts affecting the airline's operations and that the matter was "not a safety issue".


"The specific vinyl tape, commonly used for cosmetic cabin repairs, was used as a temporary measure to prevent flight disruptions, and to prioritize getting our guests safely and timely to their destinations," said Mr. Alvin Tan.

"Spare parts orders placed in August 2022 have arrived last week, and repair work is currently ongoing progressively to fix all of the arm caps."

Source: CNA/nh(zl)

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