More than 200 passengers were stuck for seven hours on board Jetstar after emergency landing

More than 200 Jetstar passengers were stuck for seven hours after their flight was forced to make an emergency landing.

A nine-hour flight from Bangkok, Thailand to Melbourne turned into a long nightmare for the passengers on board flight JQ30 on Saturday night.

About halfway through the flight, a passenger experienced a suspected stroke prompting the crew to take urgent action and request an emergency landing at the nearest airport.

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When the Boeing 787 (reg. VH-VKB) landed at Alice Springs airport, routine checks of the aircraft uncovered an electrical fault that meant the plane could no longer fly.

A second plane was needed to get the hundreds of passengers to their destination in Melbourne.

As Alice Springs Airport is not an international airport, the passengers were told they could not leave the plane to stretch their legs.

After waiting on the tarmac for seven hours, passengers were then escorted off the plane but still had to wait in a room at the terminal before eventually boarding a replacement plane.

Source: Airlive

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