INCIDENT | Close Call at JFK: Boeing 777 Crosses Runway While Flight in Take-off

A runway incursion occurred at New York JFK Airport during the night.

A American Airlines Boeing 777 crossed the runway while a Delta Boeing 737 was taking off.

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Flight operations at JFK airport last night were departing runway 4L and arriving on runway 4R.

American Airlines flight #AA106 to London Heathrow crossed the runway 4R while Delta flight #DL1943 was departing.

The Boeing 777-200ER (reg. N754AN) crossed the runway when the Boeing 737-900ER (reg. N914DU) was only 300 meters away according to Radarbox.

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The Air Traffic controller can be heard asking the Delta flight to cancel takeoff: “Shit, Delta 943 cancel takeoff clearance!”.

The Delta flight performed an urgent stop and took off later form runway 13L.

The FAA issued a statement: “A Boeing 737 operated by Delta Air Lines came to a safe stop on Runway 4-Left at John F. Kennedy International Airport Friday night after air traffic controllers noticed another aircraft crossing the runway in front of the departing jetliner. According to a preliminary analysis, Delta Air Lines Flight 1943 stopped its takeoff roll approximately 1,000 feet before reaching the point where American Airlines Flight 106, a Boeing 777, had crossed from an adjacent taxiway.”

The FAA is investigating the incident, which occurred around 8:45 P-.m. local time on Friday.

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