Emirates to Offer High-Speed, Global Inflight Broadband on 50 New A350s

With new high-speed inflight broadband enabled by Inmarsat’s GX Aviation, Emirates will give passengers yet another chance to “fly better” on 50 new Airbus A350 aircraft that are expected to begin service in 2024.

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With improved connection and wider worldwide coverage, including flights over the Arctic, the new arrangement will greatly enhance the passenger experience.

The Inmarsat Global Xpress (GX) satellite network powers the first and only globally accessible broadband network, and the Airbus A350s will be the first Emirates aircraft to use it.

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This will guarantee passengers can enjoy uninterrupted global connectivity, no matter their destination, including the North Pole.

With the broadband’s cutting-edge high-speed capabilities, Emirates passengers can access social media, browse the internet, and keep in touch with loved ones from the comfort of their seats.

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