A Rossiya Sukhoi Superjet 100 skidded off taxiway at Saint Petersburg-Pulkovo Airport

The flight St. Petersburg – Murmansk was supposed to take off today at 9 am, but the plane skidded off taxiway.

Rossiya Sukhoi Superjet 100 (reg. RA-89148) skidded off taxiway “Bravo” before lining up on runway 10L.

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As a result, the flight was canceled, passengers were evacuated back to the airport.

People were simply sent to the exit of the airport, offering to look for representatives of the company and solve their problems, the newspaper. At least 32 flights have been delayed at Pulkovo, and 12 more have been cancelled.

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Rossiya airline stated: “During the taxiing of the aircraft flight FV6343 “St. Petersburg – Murmansk”, due to difficult meteorological conditions, the aircraft slipped along the taxiway. The speed of the aircraft was minimal – 9 km per hour. Due to the impossibility of continuing the movement of the aircraft along the taxiway, the commander decided to stop the flight, disembark the passengers and call the tractor.”

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