Ryanair, Wizz Air and EasyJet face Italy inquiry over Sicily flight prices

Italy’s antitrust regulator said on Tuesday it opened an inquiry into possible price-fixing for flights in and out of Sicily by airlines including Ryanair , Wizz Air and easyJet.

The probe follows a complaint by consumer group Codacons, which alleged “a specific collusive will” of airlines to raise prices for domestic flights to and from Sicily during the Christmas holidays, the regulator said in its weekly bulletin.

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The complaint also targeted state-owned ITA Airways, the successor of former flagship carrier Alitalia, it added.

The cost of flights is particularly sensitive in Sicily, whose many natives who live and work in northern or central Italy typically wish to travel back to the island to spend Christmas with family and friends.

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The antitrust authority said its inquiry would come to an end by Dec. 31, 2023. None of the involved airlines immediately responded to requests for comment.

Source: Reuters

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