Runway at Munich Airport closed due to ‘Last Generation’ climate activists

ONE of the two runways at Germany’s Munich Airport has been closed after ‘Last Generation’ climate activists from glued themselves to it.

Reports coming out of Germany on Thursday, December 8 reveal that ‘Last Generation’ climate activists have glued themselves to a runway at Munich Airport.

They have also glued themselves to a runway in Germany’s Berlin airport.

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A tweet from the activist group read: “++ We are on the tarmac at BER and MUC ++.

“Stuck, both at @MUC_Airport and @berlinairport. We directly confront the causes of climate catastrophe – #ForEveryone.”

They added: “Where are at least first safety measures like a speed limit or 9-€-ticket?

“The police were informed beforehand.

“There is no dangerous situation due to us – but due to the deadly policy of the federal government there is!”

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The spokeswoman for the group, Aimée van Baalen, said: “We are always ready for constructive talks, like yesterday with the Bavarian Minister of the Interior. But what we need in view of the impending climate hell are actions and not just empty words.”

The police headquarters of Upper Bavaria North stated that a large-scale operation was currently taking place at Munich airport, as reported by

At the same time, according to the “Last Generation”, members entered the grounds of Berlin’s BER airport.

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The directorate of the Berlin Federal Police said that people had entered the airport’s security area and had also stuck themselves to the tarmac.

The local police are said to have been informed shortly before entering the airport grounds.

A spokesperson for Munich Airport told German news outlet BR that “disruptions in air traffic are to be expected.”

Source: The Euro Weekly News

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