Orlando Airport Could Run Out of Jet Fuel On Sunday

Due to severe weather, Orlando International Airport (MCO) may run out of jet fuel on Sunday.

This is because the Central Florida airport was unable to receive a significant fuel supply. Due to the gasoline shortage, at least one airline has issued a warning that it might be required to make “technical” refueling stops in Miami or even Atlanta.

The problem was discovered after Twitter user JonNYC spotted a “Notice to Air Missions” (NOTAM) at Orlando Airport notifying pilots of the fuel shortage. The airport operator has not yet made a public statement regarding the situation.

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The NOTAM informs aircrew that fuel supplies at Orlando International Airport are restricted and advises flights to “tanker” into the airport, which is the practice of sending aircraft to Orlando with adequate fuel for both the departure and return flights.

Because tankering requires planes to carry a significant amount of additional weight, it can be more expensive and less environmentally friendly. Additionally, not all aircraft can tanker due to a lack of capacity in the fuel tanks, especially on lengthy flights.

The NOTAM states that issues started on Friday and may not be rectified until the middle of the following week.

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After a ship transporting a vital delivery of jet fuel was delayed due to bad weather on Sunday, a major airline at Orlando International Airport issued a warning that fuel could totally run out starting at 7 p.m.

The airline has determined that the fuel problem will affect 52 of its MCO flights and that 32 of those flights will require an additional stop to refuel in Miami, Atlanta, or Jacksonville.

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Although this will still depend on the weather and other considerations, the remaining planes should be able to tanker into Orlando. Since there was a shortage of jet fuel owing to trucking and supply chain concerns last summer, several American airlines have issued warnings about delays and cancellations at some smaller domestic airports.

Airlines at the time, like as American and Southwest, also advised pilots to tanker in, and ultimately there were few delays.

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