53 new pilots graduate from Emirates Flight Training Academy

Emirates Flight Training Academy’s (EFTA) has held its third graduation ceremony and welcomed 53 new pilots trained at their world-class facility into the industry.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed said: "Years ago, we realised there would be a huge demand for trained pilots to support commercial aviation’s needs, and as a global airline and an industry leader, we felt compelled to act. Today’s graduation ceremony marks the achievement of our long-term vision for establishing the state-of-the-art Emirates Flight Training Academy to welcome and nurture young talent not just locally, but globally. Our next generation of highly skilled, well-trained cadets is a demonstration of the academy’s contribution to the aviation industry. We’re incredibly proud of our graduates and our team at EFTA."

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Captain Abdulla Al Hammadi, vice president Emirates Flight Training Academy said: "To say that our cadets, instructors and our teams at EFTA have flown through an incredibly turbulent two years is an understatement. We have great admiration for our cadets’ spirit, positivity and the gusto with which they went through the rigours of ground school and sailed through their flying lessons.

"They are bidding goodbye to the academy, not just with a clutch of certificates and trophies, but with a range of professional and life skills, an array of amazing competencies, and vibrant memories. They’ve left their mark at EFTA, and we are confident they will be captivating the hearts and minds of the aviation industry. Today marks their last day of one journey and the exciting first day of another."

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Ali Al Ali, cadet graduate, echoed the sentiments of the cohort in his address: "Before we move on to the future, we would like to remember the past couple of years. There are several moments etched in our collective consciousness. We remember the feeling of pride when we first joined the academy, when we first wore our uniforms, on our first solo flight. We loved ground school and our high-tech classrooms, even the sleepless nights we spent studying. But then, we loved our flying lessons even more – the hours we spent honing our skills in the open skies and knowing this is what we will be doing our entire professional lives. What can be more extraordinary than having an office 38,000 feet up in the sky? The academy has taught us all how to be leaders, how to be responsible, disciplined, and professional. On behalf of the Class of 2022, our sincere gratitude goes to everyone who made our graduation possible."

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