An Israeli female soldier is on the ground in Iran, after her flight made an emergency landing

An Israeli soldier landed in Iran for few hours after a Civil plane do emergency landing in Shiraj.

A female IDF soldier was on a plane that was forced to conduct an emergency landing in Iran last Thursday, the military revealed on Wednesday.

The pilot of the flight had fallen unconscious, leading to the plane making an emergency landing in Iran.

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The plane was operating flight #FZ1942 on October 27th.

The Boeing 737-800 (reg. A6-FED) continued on its way without the soldier facing any difficulties.

The soldier is a lone soldier who was on her way back to Israel after visiting family.

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Iranian media had reported on Thursday that a Fly Dubai flight flying from Tashkent, Uzbekistan to Dubai had made an emergency landing at Shiraz Airport after the pilot lost consciousness. The passengers were transferred off the plane and into the terminal and, after new pilots were found, continued on their way to Dubai after about 11 hours.

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According to IRNA, the Iranian Civil Aviation Organization stated that this was a “serious incident” and that Iran and the UAE were conducting a joint investigation into the incident.

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